About Natural CBDa

Natural CBDa provides affordable high quality CBDa products manufactured and sourced from the Hawaiian islands. 

Our mission is to jump-start Hawaii’s small-scale farmers. Natural CBDa was born when my brother & I realized there was a bottleneck in the hemp industry - processing. We devoted a year designing a working prototype of a water-based extraction system, deployed to Oregon and in freezing 2 months of operation processed 11,832 lb of dry hemp biomass. The proven technology is now available in Hawaii. The Proxarus water-based extraction system revolutionized what was possible - a hydrocarbons-free room temperature extraction with green biomass.

With disruptive technology, significant education is required to explain the difference between CBDa & CBD (please check out our Blog). Natural CBDa offers a platform for education but more importantly a direct to consumer marketing channel, allowing maximum compensation to farmers vs wholesale contracts.

Ultimately as Natural CBDa flourishes, so will our farming community.